The Mission

“We vow, we will not then, with vain
and empty pastimes entertain
Your so desired, tho' grieved pain.
For we will have the wanton fawns
that frisking skip about the lawns [...]
To dance their wilder rounds about
and cleave the air, with many a shout
As they would hunt poor Echo out
Of yonder valley, who doth flout
Their rustic noise.”

-- Ben Jonson, The Penates, 1875

From the moment an orchestra was audaciously proposed one gloomy winter's eve in Brooklyn, composers Sara Jacovino, Caitlin Smith and Rebecca Pellett vowed not to entertain with empty pastimes. Their three distinct compositional voices, strengthened through the diversity of collaboration, challenge the glass ceiling of the musical establishment.

Trained as jazz, classical and studio musicians, the composers seek to continue recent trends in jazz composition towards the exploration of classical form, artful thematic development and innovative orchestration. The Wireless Orchestra's considerable pool of talented improvisers allows its members to experiment with new ways to incorporate improvised solos into the orchestral context. A sensitive and cohesive rhythm section blends all of these elements, ensuring that the rhythmic innovations of contemporary jazz remain a vital part of the Fawns' work.